Sierra Electric L.C. currently sponsors two super quick dragsters and working on two door cars.  For more information on Sierra Electric's involvment with 1/4 mile drag racing, please visit

Here are some pictures of the race team: DSC00003.JPG (64101 bytes)

2002 race season - Las Vegas,DSC00004.JPG (61923 bytes) NV - Thanksgiving RaceDSC00021.jpg (64057 bytes)

2002 race season - Fallon, NV - Division 7 ET Finalswpe1.jpg (22163 bytes)

2003 race season - new car fresh out of the paint shopwpe2.jpg (32481 bytes)

Both cars testing for the 2003 season @ RMR

Shameless plug for the sponsors, and a bonus thumb shot!


Last Updated June 22, 2004

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